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The future is bright, but we all need a little extra help sometimes. Allow us to join your support system and help you build and gain confidence and skills to access resources and navigate the various areas of life independently and successfully! Let’s start making changes.

Increase your quality of life and self-sufficiency.

Case management with a twist.

With many aspects still intact from “old school” case management, BHH breathes new life into services, with a focus on the whole person through a team-based approach to treatment. In BHH, you will be provided support with not only managing your current mental health needs, but supported with ensuring your physical health needs are met, so that you are in a better position to tackle the challenges that life may throw at you.

our care coordinators

You never have to feel alone in your journey.

As a client of the BHH team, you will be assigned your very own care coordinator, which is much like a traditional case manager. We recognize that the systems and resources that people need to access are nuanced and difficult to navigate, especially in times of struggle, so the BHH care coordinator is your side-by-side support in navigating these systems and accessing the resources that you are in need of, and are entitled to.

our team of experts

We emphasize a team-based approach to care.

While the BHH program offers support with a number of common needs, such as maintaining Mainecare and SNAP benefits, applying for SSI or SSDI, applying for and obtaining affordable housing and vouchers, and connecting with medical and mental health providers, our care coordinators are skilled in many areas and will cater their treatment to your individual needs.

Additionally, the BHH program offers access to a nurse, peer support worker, and an open invitation to a wide array of BHH groups. We are here to support you and emphasize a team-based approach to care. You never feel alone in your journey.

“All of the case managers that I have had at your agency have been absolutely fantastic and I thank God for them all. The entire staff is always so helpful and kind.”

Our nurse makes house calls

Do you struggle with understanding and managing your medical diagnoses?

Perhaps you are having challenges putting a good system in place to remember to take your medications, or need some education on a new diagnosis. Good news, our nurse makes house calls! She can work in conjunction with you and your care coordinator to collaborate with your doctors, support you at medical appointments when needed, and advocate on your behalf- or more importantly, give you the tools you need to advocate for yourself in a medical setting!

Our Peer Support Specialist

Someone who understands because they’ve been through it too.

Our Peer Support Specialist can also be a wonderful addition to your treatment team. This BHH team member is a person who identifies as having been diagnosed with a mental health and/or substance use disorder and is willing to share their experience with you. It is helpful to have a group of professional supports by your side as you navigate life’s challenges, but the relationship that is formed between BHH client and peer is a unique and important one. They can offer emotional support and companionship in a much different way than what you will receive from other members of the team.