Develop your skills with an internship at AWS.

Discover an internship that values your unique perspective, encourages exploration, and empowers you to make a meaningful difference.

At Alternative Wellness Services (AWS), known for our commitment to exceptional behavioral health services and honored as one of Maine’s Best Places to Work, an internship offers more than a role – it’s a gateway to a meaningful career in behavioral health care. Beyond a conventional workplace, AWS embodies a culture where mission, vision, and values aren’t mere words; they’re the ethos guiding every step. As an intern, you’re not just part of a team; you’re embraced into a community where your experience carries a profound purpose, aligning with something greater, making your journey here both rewarding and purpose-driven.

At AWS, interns play a crucial role, injecting our compassionate team with renewed energy and fresh perspectives. Our culture thrives on support, endorsing open-mindedness and innovation. We prioritize diversity and inclusivity, viewing internships as hands-on learning experiences within a real work environment. We do not emphasize your time with us on output and productivity. Rather, our focus lies in the quality of your learning and skill development. While upholding high standards, we encourage independent work to develop the essential skills for post-graduation success. At AWS, count on extensive support, including individual and group supervision, supervision on the fly, diverse training, and abundant professional growth as you learn from our clinical team.

Join us at AWS, where your role extends beyond meeting program degree requirements – it’s about being an integral part of enhancing behavioral health care. We are cultivating healthier communities. We’re dedicated to innovative solutions and breaking down barriers to vital services. Our team’s commitment to empowering clients through education and tools significantly enhances their autonomy and elevates their quality of life. Interns will gain valuable experience, utilizing their creativity to inspire clients toward life improvements through both traditional and innovative approaches.

At AWS, we highly value our interns, recognizing that learning is a continuous journey for all of us. As interns pursue their degree programs, they delve into the latest evidence-based research, eagerly sharing knowledge and exploring innovative ideas. We embrace this vibrant exchange of energy and insights, understanding that each one of us has something to offer and learn from others, regardless of roles or credentials. Interns play a vital role in shaping our collective future. At AWS, our interns’, employees’, and clients’ insights drive our progress, and your experiences steer our direction. Joining AWS means joining a team that prioritizes self-care, advocates for work-life balance, and appreciates the importance of finding joy in your work. If you’re seeking an organization that values its interns as much as its employees and community, AWS is the perfect place for you.

At AWS, we understand that our employees’ well-being extends beyond the workplace, which is why we are proud to offer an exceptional benefits package that caters to both personal and professional needs:

  • Balance and Community Engagement: We prioritize a balanced life, which is hard to have as an intern. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate the demands of personal life, school obligations, and the internship. We strive for flexibility without compromising agency functions, aiming to provide a fulfilling internship experience. We encourage community engagement by joining community task forces and groups supporting local initiatives.
  • Professional Growth and Support: At AWS, interns play a crucial role in shaping the future of behavioral health providers. We’re invested in your future. Many interns choose to continue and grow with AWS post-internship.
  • Unique Perks for a Richer Experience: Our collaborative clinicians share experiences, providing a diverse learning environment. We ensure a rich learning environment by providing more than individual supervision. We offer interns the opportunity to participate in clinical group supervision to learn from various professionals beyond their immediate supervisor and enhance their experience.

Current Opportunities

Undergraduate Internship

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AWS offers a comprehensive internship program tailored for students from various undergraduate programs passionate about Behavioral Health. Our hands-on clinical experience empowers you to explore this field, learn from experienced providers, and expand your expertise. Ideal for self-motivated individuals, our program emphasizes autonomous task handling and active participation in supervision sessions to meet your learning objectives effectively by providing you with consistent support to enrich your experience. Join us at AWS for a nurturing internship that provides valuable guidance and practical exposure to the Behavioral Health industry. Many of our interns decide to explore career opportunities with AWS upon completion of their internship.

Graduate Internship

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AWS offers graduate internship opportunities for students interested in an enriching, hands-on clinical experience. Our internship program is best fit for an individual who has already completed their foundation year and is ready for a more independent clinical internship.