Telehealth & In-person
Outpatient Therapy

Telehealth Outpatient Therapy

We will partner with you in your journey to improve the quality of your life. We will assist you in building a plan to achieve your desired goals.

Outpatient Therapy

Children's Outpatient Therapy

We support your child in adapting to life transitions, embracing change, and working towards developing skills to their quality of life and emotional well-being.

Behavioral Health Home
(Case Management)

Children's Outpatient Therapy

We build partnerships with clients to help them connect with their communities, access resources and services, all with the goal of improving their overall wellness.

DEEP Treatment
and Evaluation

Deep Treatment and Evaluations

The Driver Education and Evaluation Programs reduces the risk of re-offense for OUI and motor vehicle incidences resulting from alcohol and other drug use.

Substance Use
Support and Therapy

Substance Use Support and Therapy

Our focus is on empowering recovery through compassionate care and evidence-based approaches, supporting your goals for a healthier life.

The services we offer are diverse. We don’t want you to get overwhelmed, that’s why we also offer the option to select one of our counselors that you connect with best.
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