Amber Elliott


Amber Elliott embarked on her social work journey as a teenager at the Northern York County YMCA, sparking a lifelong dedication to supporting others and creating positive change. Recognized with the WCSH6 Teens Who Care award at 16, she demonstrated an early commitment to exceeding expectations for her community.

Transitioning from early childhood education to Behavioral Health, Amber earned her MSW in 2007, triumphing over the challenge of being legally blind. Her determination and tenacity drive her to continually overcome barriers and seek constant improvement. Inspired by personal experiences, Amber passionately provides adjustment counseling, empowering individuals with vision loss to lead fulfilling lives.

In 2013, Amber identified gaps in community services, prompting her to establish AWS (Alternative Wellness Services). Over a decade, she expanded the agency to 50+ employees, serving three communities, and garnered prestigious awards like Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year, Best Places to Work In Maine, and Maine Inclusive Workplace awards.

Her 23-year career at The Opportunity Alliance showcased her dedication, versatile roles, and contributions, earning her the President’s Award for exceptional service. Volunteering as a family mediator alongside her employment, Amber aimed to facilitate improved family relationships, ensuring each voice was heard.

At AWS, Amber nurtures a culture centered on employee growth, empowerment, and impact. Her leadership prioritizes a people-centric approach, fostering a familial environment and work-life balance. The agency’s core values—accountability, client-centeredness, integrity, diversity, innovation, commitment to quality care, and collaboration—drive its ethos.

Amber’s vision for AWS extends beyond conventional services, focusing on innovative approaches to enrich clients’ lives. Active in various boards and community initiatives, she encourages staff involvement in community service during work hours.

Committed to cultivating diverse and empathetic practitioners, Amber focuses on client empowerment and comprehensive care. AWS collaborates with community providers, ensuring disabilities never impede individuals from living their best lives.

Recognized as the SBA Businesswoman of the Year in 2019, Amber’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as she balances roles as a mother of four, a leader at AWS, and an active participant in local community programs like Biddeford Youth Cheering. Amber established Biddeford Youth Cheering as a 501(c)3 to allow equal access to the program for families who may not be able to afford the program.

Passionate about shaping future social workers, Amber drives AWS’s commitment to offering internships, free counseling, and case management to the uninsured. She actively engages in community meetings to bridge service gaps and enhance collaboration among providers.

Amber Elliott’s dedication and passion for community development and social service continue to propel AWS’s mission and growth, underscoring her commitment to empowering individuals and communities.